SmileStyler is an Australian-made product, created with premium quality materials in a lab in Melbourne by an Australian-based service. We love to support Australian companies, knowing we can trust the level of quality and care our fellow Aussies strive to achieve.

SmileStyler makes use of state of the art software and manufacturing technologies to bring us an incognito way of aligning and straightening teeth. Eligible patients wear a series of clear aligners that accurately guide teeth into the desired position. Everything is monitored closely by your providing dentist and the team at SmileStyler to achieve a beautiful smile.

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Our newest piece of equipment is the Trios 3Shape Scanner. It replaces traditional mouthfuls of mould material to digitally record the state of your teeth. This information can be transferred to the local labs we work with in record time! It also zeros the risk of cross contamination and helps us further streamline our infection control process.


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We thank you for considering us as your oral health care professionals. Our entire team is kept up to date with Senior First Aid training and Sterilization techniques for your safety. We look forward to meeting you in person at our practice.

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