Root Canal Therapy

The aim of Root Canal therapy (also known as endodontic treatment) is to save a tooth that has been badly damaged due to trauma or decay. When the damage is too extensive so that the nerve is involved and/or unable to recover, the nerve needs to be removed, and any infection present must be thoroughly cleaned out. This can be done either by extracting the tooth, or performing root canal therapy.


Your dentist will assess the tooth to conclude if root canal therapy is a good option for you. Factors which will affect this include:


  • How much healthy tooth is left and if it is still restorable (can it be saved?)

  • The quality and health of gums and bone supporting the tooth

  • Cosmetic value of saving the tooth

  • Functional value of saving the tooth

  • Ease of access to the tooth in question


Root canal therapy is conducted in several stages under local anaesthetic. Your dentist will discuss all relevant information and stages of the treatment plan in order for you to decide if this is the ideal treatment for you.


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