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A denture is a removable option to replace missing teeth. There are several stages involved both in the clinic and at the lab leading up to the final product. The number of visits and amount of time from start to finish depends on many factors such as:


  • Complexity of the case

  • Type of denture required (e.g. plastic or metal base)

  • Cosmetic considerations


Following the insertion appointment where you are able to take home the denture/s, follow up/review appointments will be arranged as needed.


Each individual takes a different amount of time to adapt to new dentures. Patience and perseverance is the key. We will continue to see you for any required adjustments to ensure maximum comfort as you get used to your new denture/s.


A very small percentage of people, unfortunately will never comfortably tolerate dentures. If this is not the ideal tooth replacement solution, your dentist will be happy to go through other possible options suitable to you.